Welcome to the multiverse of Sliders

The tides of fate ebb and flow across the vast expanse of a hundred planes. Heroes across these worlds rise and fall in pursuit of their cause, and those lucky enough to attract the attention of their champions celebrate their victory and mourn their loss.

Sometimes, though, troubles brew and injustices rise unbeknownst to the champions of their realm. Those unfortunates are doomed to become the stuff of sad bard’s tales if they are fortunate; more like than not a forgotten marker passed on the side of a road.

Or are they? Sometimes, the unfortunate folk are marked by the Powers That Be. Sometimes the balance is righted by the Sliders.

The best a man can hope for is the Gods take no special interest in him; those that do not escape notice are doomed to live in interesting times.

Journey now with those blessed, or perhaps cursed, to shuffle from world to world, from place to place, outside of time and some say unnoticed by death. Characters willing and unwilling, torn from their lives and whirling about the cosmos at the whim or that which they know not.

Who knows where they will end up next?

The Multiverse of Sliders